Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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Snoring & Sleep Apnea

At-Home Testing & Treatment in Benicia, CA

At Benicia Family Dentistry in Benicia, CA, your family is our family. That’s why, besides offering general and cosmetic dentistry services, we work to provide treatment for sleep apnea. When you are constantly snoring, it not only poses many health risks to you, but it prevents your partner from getting restful sleep as well!

When you have sleep apnea, there are periods during your sleep in which you don’t breathe enough air. This causes your body to briefly wake you up to regain breath, producing snoring. It could be life-threatening when left untreated.

Health Risks of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea results in you not getting enough restful sleep. This can cause you to be drowsy and inattentive during the day. In addition, it can cause headaches from lack of oxygen during the night, high blood pressure, heartburn, chronic cough, hoarseness, depression, limited memory, sexual dysfunction, frequent urination during the night, and in the worst cases, stroke and heart attack.

Home Testing

If you think you may have sleep apnea, at Benicia Family Dentistry, our team can ask you some sleep-related questions. Then, if we think you have sleep apnea, we offer a take-home test. This allows you to be tested in the comfort and privacy of your own bed, rather than in a sleeping facility surrounded by other people. Plus, it is one-third to one-tenth the cost of a lab study.

If the test determines that you have sleep apnea, we can provide you with a customized oral device that opens up your airways while you sleep to reduce snoring and create easier breathing.

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