Laser Dentistry

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Laser Dentistry

Stress-Free Dental Procedures in Benicia, CA

If you are looking for minimal pain and stress when visiting the dentist, choose Benicia Family Dentistry in Benicia, CA. Whether treating you for a routine cleaning or for a dental implant, we dedicate ourselves to making each of your visits to us as comfortable as possible.

Why Laser Procedures?

Laser dental procedures are much more gentle and require less healing time than treatments using a drill, as they don’t produce heat, pressure and vibration. Our advanced lasers can be used for both teeth and gums and ensure greater comfort for you! Plus, they provide greater accuracy, so our doctors can remove decay and affected areas without harming the healthy parts of your mouth, preserving tooth structure. Laser treatments can be completed in less visits, produce very little if any bleeding and minimal swelling, and can be used to treat gum disease as well as a wide variety of other dental problems.

laser dentistry in benicia ca

What to Expect

In a laser periodontal procedure, we will provide you with a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel pain. Then, we use a small laser fiber placed between the gum and tooth to remove all inflamed gum. A second laser is used to gently remove calcium, tartar and bacteria from the tooth’s root, and creates blood clots that will provide a foundation for the tissue to reattach to the bone and lost tissues to regrow. This procedure keeps your gums intact and has a quick recovery time. No scalpels, and no stitches.

We can also offer oral conscious sedation for patients who are anxious about undergoing a laser procedure.

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